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Terms & Conditions

Shipping/Membership Policy - Product Shipping can be done to major cities and towns across India as per the standard shipping rates, which have good transport/logistics services. Orders from other places may require customer to arrange pickup from nearest major city/area. Member information may be used to promote our or our partners product and services.
Cancellation Policy - Any order cancellations with be free and refunded if it's immediately within the hour for order placements. Delayed order cancellations on the same day may attract administration, packing, and shipping charges. Any order cancellations the next day or later may or may not be acceptable and if acceptable may attract heavy charges. 
Return Policy - Any material damaged in transit may be returned based on the photographic and imagery evidence provided by the customer. All other returns are not acceptable.
Refund Policy - We will issue a 100% refund against any manufacturing defects. Please note slight scratches on the protective film is very common and is not a product defect. Please allow 5% variation in the dimensions of the product. Shades of actual products may differ from the images or videos posted on this site.

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